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1st April 1905

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1st April 1905

On April 1st, 1905, King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) announced the abolition of Slave Act R.E. 124 that every slave became to freedom.

The abolition of slave was the most important royal duty of King Rama V, it abolished the system that upper classes set up to serve, abuse or send them their money without commitments. In the era, Thailand had slaves more than 1/3 of the population because slaves’ parents were a slave so their child also became to be an unintentional slave repeatedly. A slave had to earn the money to ransom themselves, otherwise they would be a slave eternally because of the laws.

After that, King Rama V announced "Act on Retirement of Thai Slaves' Children" on 21st August 1874. He reduced the range of ransom when a slave was 8 years old until 20 years old, the ransom was fully paid. When they turned to 21 years old, they was gave a freedom. This Act was effected to all of the slaves who were born in 1868 until now. There was also a prohibition to buy any person who was more than 20 years old to be a slave.

In 1905, the King finally announced "The Abolition of Slavery R.E.124" that mentioned to every slave to became a freedom on 1st April. On the other hand, Slaves, who were not offspring of a slaves, would be reduced their price by 5 baht each month. In addition, there was a provision that protect a slave not to return to be a slave again. But if they would like to renew an owner, they could not to increase their price.