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Learn from Home by OAC: Folding the Lotus Petal

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2022-08-17 16:16:52

Learn from Home by OACFolding the Lotus Petal

On April, 14th every year, this day is a part of the Songkran festival days. Besides, it is also a “Family day” according to the announcement issued by the Thai government. Most of people return to their hometown to meet their families in the upcountry during this festival. It is one of the precious moments that family members could rejoin and do the activities together in a year.  

The Office of Arts and Culture realizes the importance of Family day, so we would like to campaign this lovely day by sharing the video clip regarding ‘How to fold the lotus petal’ to offer monks in the food offering event during the Songkran festival. The steps are not so complicated that everyone in the family can fold the lotus petals in the pattern of “Tri-Ratana Style” together.

What are the steps of folding lotus petal will be? Now you can learn and follow the easy steps as below:

1. Use the index fingers to press at the middle of the petal.

2. Fold the left and the right sides toward the center.

3. Create a triangle by then.

4. Continue doing this to the entire petals.

Special tips

1. Please prepare water dipper by adding water into a bowl.

2. Frequently dip your fingers into water to reduce the heat from fingers in order to avoid wilting during folding.

3. Dip the lotus flowers before and after folding to remain fresh.

4. Mix a few pain killer tablets with the water in the vast to make lotus flowers bevome fresher.