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Online Museum with OAC (Part 1): The Royal Thought

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2022-08-18 15:17:34

Online Museum with OAC (Part 1): The Royal Thought 

          After, King Rama V traveled to Europe in 1907, he had the royal thought to build Suan Sunandha as the royal park for 2 reasons; 1. To be another villa since the Ambara Villa in Dusit Palace didn’t seem to be private enough for the King to relax. 2. To be a place for the royal ladies; the consort, daughters, the royal mother, and the concubine of King Rama V.

          King Rama V commanded and controlled the decoration on his own. Importunely, he had pass away in 1910 before the construction began. When King Rama VI ascended the throne, he presented kindness to continue the construction until it was finished.

          For the name, King Rama V named Suan Sunandha to memorize to Her Majesty Queen Sunandha Kumariratana his consort, although she had passed away for 22 years.