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Learning Unique Refreshment at Royal refreshment Workshop

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2020-03-11 12:14:59

Learning Unique Refreshment at Royal refreshment Workshop

            Refreshment Culture in Siam was assumed that it was influencing by foreign countries. At the past, Siamese didn’t have this culture because of their occupations and there were many recipes to make. So the refreshment often appears in royal cuisine for royalties. They always ate with drinks or depended on their favors. H.H. Princess Saisavali Bhiromya, Princess Suddhasininartwas who had known as one of the most skillful cook of Siam learned how to make refreshment--Sa-Tay, Java food and initially made it in Thai taste. This refreshment became famous with delicious taste, H.H. Princess Saisavali Bhiromya named this dish as Sa-Tay-Lue.

The Office of Arts and Culture, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat university, cordially invites you to bring back the memories into the past at Suan Sunandha Courtiers: The Ancestor of Royal Arts exhibition at Sai Suddha Nobhadol Building Museum. For those who love Thai cuisine, we provide some workshops led by M.L. Darunee Chakraphan, Thai traditional cuisine specialist.


We prepare Thai costume service free of charge to our beloved participants to capture this special moment together.


          And for those who love Royal Thai cuisine and Royal Thai desserts, we also provide some workshops. The programs are as follows.

On 14th March 2020 - Royal Thai cuisine ‘Sa-Tay Lue’
On 15th March 2020 – Royal Thai cuisine ‘Pang Sip stuffed with fish’

Special Price: 1,200 Baht/program

Place: Chudharatanabhorn Building: Art of Music, 3 Silapa Rattanakosin Resource Center, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

Time: 9 a.m. – 12 a.m.

How to register 

1.Download the application form

2.Complete and send the application form via inbox on https://bit.ly/2uHB6ic for registration.

3.Staff will send a confirmation message.

4.Transfer the workshop fee.

5.Send the payment slip via inbox for completely registration.

Download the application form or see more detail on https://bit.ly/2T3WyXZ

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