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Songkran Day What is Songkran?

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2022-08-23 14:42:22

Cultural Learning Resource (Part 2): Songkran Day What is Songkran? 

          Songkran comes from the Sanskrit word, which means passing, moving, or approaching. We used this word to describe the approaching to the New Year of Thai people, which takes place on April 13th every year. After 1940, the New Year was shifted to January 1st by the government, but they still fixed the date of April 13th to Thai New Year, the national holiday. This festival is significant to the Thai people, and it has followed from ancient times. During the Songkran Festival, Thai people always cleanse and pour water mixed with Thai fragrance on Buddha images, and show respect to their parents or seniors.

The Meaning of the Dates on Thai New Year 

          Dr.P.M. Vichao Pengphol and Dr. Somboon Duangsamosorn translated the meaning of the dates on Thai New Year as follows;

13 April: Maha Songkran 

          Maha Songkran means the great stepping or the great entering that is Year-Songkran, it will be New Year’s Day only, viz. Songkran means both Songkran month and Songkran year but Maha Songkran means Songkran year only.

14 April: Wan Nao

          Wan Nao means "to reside” the word "Nao” means "to reside”. It means the day next to Maha Songkran Day. Maha Songkran Festival is the day on which the sun enters Aries in New Year. Wan Nao is the day on which the sun has already entered Aries and still remains in its place.

15 Apri: Wan Thaloeng Sok

          Wan Thaloeng Sok means "the New Year’s Day” that changes to a new minute. Changing the new minute occurs on the third day of Maha Songkran, because it is meant for getting rid of the problems that have arisen. There is no problem about the beginning of the year, but it may have a problem with hours, minutes and seconds, because it is not exactly complete to change the year. If the New Year’s Day begins on the third day, it means that it has been postponed for a minute or a second to the third day for at least the sun has entered a new sign of the Zodiac for not less than one degree and then it may enter the second degree or the third degree.

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