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ผู้ดูแลเว็บ สำนักศิลปวัฒนธรรม
2022-08-01 15:18:25

Buddhist Lent day

  Dr. Somboon Duangsamosorn and Dr. Suthira Duangsamosorn translated the origin and significance of Buddhist Lent day as follows;


          Buddhist Lent Day mars the beginning of the annual retreat for monks as laid down by Lord Buddha more than twenty-five centuries ago. On that day all monks take a vow to stay in a particular place or temple for three months from the first Day of the Waning moon in the

           8th Month to the 15th Day of the Waxing Moon in the 11th Month. It coincides with the rainy season during which the monks are not allowed to stay overnight anywhere else, except in exceptional cases based on reasons granted by Lord Buddha.

          Buddhist Lent day means the day on which the Buddhist monks take the vow to stay only at one particular place or temple which can shelter them from the sun, storms and rain.


          For Buddhism and its followers, Buddhist Lent has the following important characteristics:

          1. Buddhist monks who have been travelling from place to place have to take up shelter in a particular place, according to Lord Buddha’s discipline.

          2. Buddhist monks who stay at a particular place for a length of time shall teach young boys who wish to be ordained in order to study the Buddhist Doctrine and preach to lay followers.

          3. During the Buddhist Lent, lay followers refrain from bad actions, in particular drinking alcohol, taking drugs or leading an inappropriate life.

          4. During the Buddhist Lent, laymen acquire merit, observe five or eight precepts, listen to sermons and sit in meditation in temples.

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