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OAC Co-creates “Flora Forever” X NAPHON K. BANGKOK

ผู้ดูแลเว็บ สำนักศิลปวัฒนธรรม
2022-12-14 15:43:31

The Office of Arts and Culture and NAPHON K. BANGKOK co created FLORA FLOWER:  The Body Painting and Costume Design Showcase 2022 by SSRU THEATRE SPACE which performed by Ms. Cindy Sirinya, and other models at BACC, 5pm onwards. 

The showcase concept had been created from the SSRU cultural capital which were the Watercolor Flower Paintings of H.H.Saisavali Bhiromya’s ladies-in-waiting to the contemporary artworks on body, custom design, scene design, and motion graphics.

For those who are interested to join, please check out the agenda and register to reserve this privilege via https://sites.google.com/ssru.ac.th/bodypaint-custumedesign. (200 baht per a seat)