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Learn from Home by OAC: Sam Pan Nee

ผู้ดูแลเว็บ สำนักศิลปวัฒนธรรม
2022-08-18 15:44:49

Learn from Home by OACSam Pan Nee

After we have worked (from home) so badly!
Let’s cook some dessert (from home) so tasty!
It is Thai traditional dessert called “Sam Pan Nee”

Today, the office of Arts and Culture will share the secret recipes of Sam Pan Nee, and how to cook this delicious Thai traditional dessert. The taste is super amazing and it melts in your mouth little by little so that you can feel the taste of mushy texture.

Only 4 ingredients are required for this recipe and they are easy to find in the market.
Let’s follow steps by steps of “How to cook” below:



1. Roast tapioca flour: 2 cups
2. Coconut milk: 1 cup
3. Sugar: 1 cup
4. Butterfly pea water: 2 table spoons
5. Scented candle
6. Plastic or wooden mold

How to cook:

1. Roast tapioca flour in a pan with low heat until it looks soft and dry (about 20 minutes). Leave it until it gets to room temperature.

2. Smoke the roasted tapioca flour with scented candle around 2-3 times.

3. Mix and heat coconut milk with sugar.

4. Pour the syrup in two bowls and color them with natural color (butterfly pea for blue color).

5. Mix the roasted tapioca flour with blue syrup until its texture looks like wet sand.

6. Mold the mixed flour and press hard.

7. Knock them out of the mold and serve.


- If you do not have the Butterfly pea water, you can use food coloring instead but if you would like to cook the light color, you do not have to mix it.

- If you do not have the scented candle, you can use coconut milk scented candle instead but the smell will be a little lighter.

- You can use the other materials instead of the mold but it needs to be strong enough to peel the dessert off.

It is such a tasty dessert and easy to cook, right?
During you stay home, if you get stress. Let’s relax by cooking this dessert!
Stay home until every crisis is better
And we will pass through this difficult crisis together!
Keep on fighting!!!